Ampco LX-R01/02 Centrifugal Pump Assembly (1 - 1 1/2 HP)


R01/02 Pump complete with a stainless steel washdown motor, mounted on a stainless steel cart with a digital VFD speed control.

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Ampco LC pumps are a high efficiency centrifugal pumps to meet all sanitary requirements. High efficiency design and performance offers gentle product handling capability up to 1200 cps. Heavy-wall construction, tight manufacturing tolerances, dynamically balanced impellers and a self-aligning shaft minimize vibration and promote longer seal life. Standard adapters are made of 304 SS to resist corrosion. LF pumps offer a front-loading seal design for ease of maintenance and are easily convertible to a double seal without changing any other parts.

L-R pumps are in conformance with 3A sanitary standards for centrifugal and positive rotary pumps for milk and milk products

LC, LF and LD R Series pumps have a standard 32RA (150 grit) finish, on all product contact surfaces.

All LC- R Series pumps have standard stainless steel adapters and internal silicon carbide vs. carbon seals.

LD-R pumps have an extra carbon vs. ceramic external seal.  

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