Ezi-Action 1000/220 Chemical Resistant Pump - Clearance
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Our 1000/220 (IBC) Pumps are the safest hand pump option for dispensing chemicals from 1000 litre (220 gallons) totes and IBC's.

Technical Specifications

  • Sits at the base of the IBC or tote for emptying the whole container.
  • No problems with leaking from the tap at the base of the IBC.
  • Easy fast dispensing of all types of chemicals, AdBlue (DEF), oils, diesels, and even molasses.
  • Can be used in IBC, transit tote, pod, flow bin or pallet sized containers.
  • Secures into the double cap opening on the top of the IBC using an Ezi-action® M Adaptor Fitting.
  • Controlled dispensing for both small and large quantities when required.
  • Safer than tap dispensing.
  • The 3 meter hose accessory provides accurate dispensing to containers and receptacles on the ground.


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