G2 Industrial Meter with Remote Assembly kit

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The G2 industrial meter is one of the most popular meters on the market. When paired with the remote assembly kit it becomes the perfect meter for extreme temperatures. In a traditionally mounted meter, the products come in proximity of the meters electronics and extreme temperatures will damage the instrument. The remote assembly kit allows you to mount your electronics elsewhere, thus allowing for a more diverse range of temperatures. This assembly allows for temperatures between -40F to +250F. It is ideal for use in herbal extractions and distilling. The modular design allows for use with Output Modules, Sensors and Remote Transmitters. The internal parts are simple to replace for easy maintenance. This meter and assembly are approved for food and beverage applications.

 2 Totals (Batch=Resettable, Cumulative=Non-Resettable); Rate of Flow. Factory calibrated in gallons and litres. Field calibratable. Allows user calibration. Includes non-volatile totals. 

 Included in this assembly:

  • G2 industrial meter
  • Sensor module
  • Dust cover assembly
  • 10ft of cable


  • Tri-clamp ends
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Accommodates temperatures between -40F to +250F (-40C to +121C) 
  • Lithium battery- 5 year estimated life
  • High accuracy meter
  • 10ft. (3m) Cable, 2 conductor shielded


Flow Range

 1/2" 1-10 GPM (3.8-37.9 LPM)
3/4" 2-20 GPM (7.6-75.7 LPM) 
1" 5-50 GPM (18.9-190 LPM)
1-1/2" 10-100 GPM (38.0-380 LPM)
2" 20-200 GPM (76-760 LPM)

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