What type of pump do you need?

Centrifugal pumps are typically used for low viscosity liquids, up to 500 SSU, such as water, milk, and beer. They are the most widely used pumps in processing applications. Centrifugal pumps provide high capacity at a relatively low price. We offer several styles of centrifugal pumps, from our low-cost stainless steel water pumps to the high-performance Ampco L series.

The RF pump is a flexible impeller design pump; these pumps are reversible and self-priming and can suction from a maximum height of 5 meters (15 feet). This type of pump is designed to pump products of both low and high viscosity, as well as materials containing particles or gases.

Positive displacement pumps are designed for use with higher viscosity products, or in applications requiring low sheer or particulate handling. We offer several different styles, with capacity up to 300 GPM, pressures up to 250 PSI, and the capability to pump solids 2" in diameter.

Drum pumps are a simple, reliable and economical way to remove fluids from containers, and are specifically designed for that task. They are available with various tube lengths and are made of corrosion-resistant materials that give these pumps wide applicability. Motors are available for both electric and air service.

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