C Series Mechanical Seal Kit


Each C-Series Seal kit includes one of the following:

  • 80 - Carbon seal
  • 80B - Seal o-ring
  • 90- Casing gasket
  • 80BUR - Backup ring (C100 Only)

Elastomer Compatibility:

The standard C-series seal kits have elastomers of Buna-N which will handle most food, dairy, beverage and sanitary services, it has good acid and alkali resistance and is good for vegetable oil service. Rated at -40° F to 180° F.

EDPM (High Temperature) kits are resistant to most products in the food industry, including ozone and radiation.  Rated for temperatures from minus 40°F to 302°F.  They are not resistant to organic and non-organic fats and oils.

Viton® is particularly well suited for hot fatty oil products. 0°F to 400°F under continuous duty and will take 600°F for short periods of time. Rated at -2° F to 450° F (short term to 600° F).

These are replacement seal kits for C-series centrifugal pumps. They fit pumps manufactured by the following companies. 

  • Alfa Laval®
  • Ampco®
  • Bradford®
  • Q-pump
  • Purity®
  • Topline®
  • Tri-Clover®
  • Waukesha®

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