MLS Series Lobe Pump Assembly


Due to global supply limitations, portable pumps may come with a different VFD than pictured.

The MLS series lobe pump is a positive displacement rotary pump made by PFC. This assembly includes our Canadian-made pump cart and a NEMA 4X VFD. This versatile pump is appropriate for a variety of industries and applications including: pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, and chemicals.  

The MLS is a classic rotary pump; it is a low-shear pump that can operate in both directions. It is 3A certified and approved for use in sanitary conditions. The unique design is appropriate for delicate liquids, liquids containing soft solids, pastes, or slurries. All wetted pieces are 316L stainless steel. The pump features a separate rotary lobe and a mechanical seal. The available seals are: flushed, single seal, and double seal. 

The versatile design gives the operator the ability to adjust the pump to fit their needs. The removable feet allow the pump to be oriented either vertically or horizontally. This also allows you to use either a top or bottom drive shaft. For use in extreme temperatures, jackets and front covers are available. A pressure relief valve may be added for protection against over-pressurization. Please contact us if you desire one of these add-ons. 


  • Mechanical seal
  • Easy to clean 
  • Externally mounted shaft seals
  • Low shear
  • Universal mounting with bolt on feet
  • 316L stainless steel contact parts
MLS Model Gal/rev. PSI Port o Inch Max Speed RPM Capacity GPM HP @ 30 PSI
A0015 0.012 175 1 1400 16 2
A0025 0.022 120 1 1/2
25 3
A0030 0.030 75
1 1/2
40 5
B0060 0.053  175
1 1/2
1000 50 5
B0100 0.082 105 2 1000 80 7.5
C0200 0.182 175 2 750 125 10
C0300 0.296 105 3 750 200 15


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