C114MD Centrifugal Pump Assembly (3 HP)
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The CPE C114 Portable Pump is the most popular pump for breweries.

The CPE C114 Portable Pump is perfect for systems up to 30 barrels or more (depending on the application). These are the most durable pumps on the market - and every brewer will tell you that a reliable pump is a must-have for production to run smoothly. The whole process relies on a pump that will transfer product from tank to tank without hassle.

The C-series centrifugal pumps are the most common pump used in Microbreweries and Craft Breweries. These pumps will give you years of excellent service and when needed replacement parts are interchangeable with most major brands of sanitary C-series pumps. Our pumps come with stainless steel washdown motor that makes cleaning easier and quicker, reducing the issues caused by spillage.

Our Portable Pump Systems are designed specifically for the tough conditions found in food and beverage production. Our carts are custom designed and built in Canada. They are made completely of stainless steel with non-marring heavy duty wheels.  Move through your production days smoother and more efficiently with a CPE Portable Pump.

All pumps come standard with Tri-clamp connections, but we can supply other connection types by special order.

Technical Specifications

CPE C114MD Portable Pump Features and options:

  • 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" Tri-clamp connections
  • All stainless steel construction
  • 25 ft cord with an 115-volt plug or with a standard NEMA locking plug

Voltage Options:

230-volt single phase (L14-20P)

230 volt 3 phase (L15-20P)

460 volt 3 phase (L16-20P)

Seal Options:

"D" Single mechanical external seal

"DG" Single mechanical external seal with replaceable ceramic seat

"F" Single mechanical external seal with water cascade

3 HP The capacity of this pump is 150 GPM and it will put out 75 ft of head pressure, ideal for large microbreweries (>25 BBL) and larger estate wineries.



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