Top Line C114MD Centrifugal Pump Assembly (3 HP)
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C114MD pump complete with a stainless steel washdown motor. Mounted on a stainless steel cart with a digital VFD speed control. 

The C114 model is a workhorse pump that will give you years of excellent service and when needed replacement parts are interchangeable with most major brands of sanitary C series pumps.

Technical Specifications

The capacity of this pump is 150 GPM and it will put out 75 ft of head pressure, ideal for large microbreweries (>25 BBL) and larger estate wineries.

1 1/2" X 1 1/2" Tri-clamp connections

All stainless steel construction

25 ft cord with an 115-volt plug or with a standard NEMA locking plug

Available voltages:

230-volt single phase (L14-20P)

230 volt 3 phase (L15-20P)

460 volt 3 phase (L16-20P)


"D" Single mechanical external seal 



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