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"Solving your problems, saving you money."

At CPE, our customers can expect quick, courteous, efficient and knowledgeable response to their needs. We firmly believe that there is no such thing as "small order" and all our customers receive the same quality of service and attention from our staff. We strive to source and procure new and used products that will solve our customer's problems and save them money.

We received our first T-shirt for seal kit swap

Dean at Lighthouse Brewing  sent us a nice SIREN RED ALE T-shirt in exchange for a seal kit for his Topline C216MD pump that he got from us last year.  ...

Collecting promo gear from our customers.

We are trying to collect a piece of promo gear (Swag) from all of our customers for our showroom and CBC booth.    We don't want something for free so...

How to set the seal drive collar on a C114 series pump

Topline has published a YouTube video on how to set the drive collar on a C-series centrifugal pump.  This applies to the Topline pump of course but also to other...