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Not all internal pump seals are created equal. We were unimpressed with the standard issue CB+ seal, so we decided to offer a better one. The CB+ pump features an internal seal, which means that the seal is in contact with your product. The standard internal seal consists of a stationary seal that is pressed into the backplate of the pump and a rotating seal that is positioned on top of the spring. This combination leaves significant nooks and crannies around the spring in which residue can build up and bacteria can hide,  even when regularly cleaned via CIP. Our CB+ pumps feature a cartridge-style seal; the entire rotating seal and spring are housed in a cartridge that isolates it from the product while retaining the advantages of an internal seal pump. The CB+ cartridge-style seal is more sanitary and is easily cleaned via CIP. Both the traditional style and cartridge-style seals fit any popular CB+ pump and are interchangeable.


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