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13H - Bevel Seat Union Hex Nut

$8.78 $7.02

SKU: FI/13H104
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13MHP - Tri-Clamp - High Pressure

$15.13 $11.25

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14AHR Hose Adapter-Plain Bevel x Rubber Hose


SKU: FI/14AHR104
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14AHT - Adapter-Plain Bevel x Tygon Hose


SKU: FI/14AHT104
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14MPHR - Adapter- Tri-Clamp x Rubber Hose


SKU: FI/14MPHR150256
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14MPHRB - Hose Barb Clamp


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14PRF - Short Plain Bevel Ferrule

$5.26 $4.21

SKU: FI/14PRF104
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14WMP - Tri-Clamp Short Welding Ferrule

$4.38 $4.03

SKU: FI/14WMP056
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15TRF - Short Threaded Bevel Ferrule

$6.80 $5.62

SKU: FI/15TRF104
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16A - Bevel Seat Solid End Cap

$4.38 $3.50

SKU: FI/16A104
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16AMP - Tri-Clamp Solid End Cap


SKU: FI/16AMP056
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16W - Cap-Tube OD Weld Cap


SKU: FI/16W0504
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19WB - Weld End x Male NPT


SKU: FI/19W0504
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21MP - Tri-Clamp x Male NPT Adapters


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22MP - Tri-Clamp x Female NPT Adapters

$36.58 $32.13

SKU: FI/22MP104
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22MP - Tri-Clamp x Female NPT Adapters - Sale

$44.50 $16.23

SKU: FI/22MP10754
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