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If your KBDA VFD is changing the RPM without any input, it is most likely caused by a damaged potentiometer. There are two fixes: installing a new display board and reprogramming the VFD to bypass the potentiometer. We suggest using the latter as an emergency repair while waiting for the replacement display board to arrive.

By-passing the Potentiometer

This solution involves changing the controls from the knob to the up and down keys. This will allow you to continue to use your pump while waiting for the new part. 

Reprogramming the VFD:

  1. Ensure that the pump is stopped.
  2. Press the Program/Display button. The display will now show “00.00” (the second zero will be flash).
  3. Press the Up button twice to change the display to “02.00”.
  4. Press the Read/Enter button. The display will read “0001”.
  5. Press the Down Key to change it to 0000.
  6. Press the Read/Enter button to accept the change. “END” will flash before changing to “02.00”.
  7. Press Program/Display button again to return to run mode.

Now the potentiometer will be disabled and you can adjust the speed using the Up and Down keys on the keypad. Once you have selected a new speed make sure to press Read/Enter to confirm the selection.



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