Centrifugal pumps are built to last. However, the better you care for them, the longer they will last. Replacing the seals, monthly checks, and making sure that everyone handling the pump are appropriately trained are a few ways to extend your pumps life. 

When to replace centrifugal pump seals

You should replace your seal approximately once a year.

This is only a general time frame, if you use your pump frequently or for super strenuous tasks you will need to replace it sooner. We recommend getting a spare seal kit when you purchase your pump, that way when the seal starts to fail you're not panicking. If you don’t have a spare seal we sell seal kits for all of our pumps, and even some pumps we don’t sell (so just call us and we can find you a seal kit).

Monthly Checks

You should do a maintenance check of your pump each month, looking for excessive wear or tear. Check the seal faces for chips, cracks, and uneven or excessive wear. Check the step of the rotating seal, it can wear down. The seals can be washed in hot soapy water but do not scrub the seals.

Recognizing Signs of Wear

Your pump has ways of telling you when you don't change your seal regularly, such as leaking or vibrating. If your pump starts leaking, it is most likely because your seal is failing but it could just be dirty. Check your seal, if you notice any damage or excessive wear than it is time to replace it.

What Not To Do

What should you avoid at all costs?

  • Do not run your pump dry (this will damage the seal)
  • Do not put foreign materials in your pump (such as rocks, screws, fingers, or other debris)
  • Do not suddenly deadhead your pump causing a water hammer
  • Do not allow it to cavitate
  • Do not let your pump sit dirty overnight (the sugars in your product will harden and become abrasive)

What To Do

How to look after your pump?

  • Ramp the pump speed up and down slowly
  • CIP your pump thoroughly and daily
  • Clean the seal surface at the back of the pump with hot water

Keep an eye on your pump, replace the seals, and practice safe brewing and your pump will thank you for it.


Morgan Byres

Morgan Byres said:

Hello Jeremy,
The C-series are designed to be easy to maintain and look after. Please call us and we would be happy to help you fix your leak.

Jeremy spearin

Jeremy spearin said:

Good morning, I work for cold Harbor Brewing Company in Westborough Massachusetts. A year and a half ago we bought a pump from you guys and it started leaking. As recommended I bought a seal kit and replaced it. I’m afraid it’s the face of the pump that may be the problem. It is still leaking. I’m unfortunately too busy with Brewing to have any time to fix it and figure it out. I’m wondering if you could direct me on what type of specialist I should contact to help us fix the pump properly as soon as possible. Should I contact industrial centrifugal pump repair person, small motor repair? I’m just not sure which direction to go to just get this taken care of.

Thank you, Jeremy Spearin

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