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October 16, 2017 — Kent Clark

at the Croatian Cultural Centre, October 20th 9am - 6pm.

For tickets and more information visit: https://bccraftbeer.com/events/

It's a crazy week at CPE Systems, not least of which due to the fact that this week we've got the First Annual BC Craft Beer Brewers Conference to attend. In fact, we're a Gold Sponsor this year, so you can find us at Oktoberfest on the 19th, the conference on the 20th and at the after party.

Oh my, I think I'm going to be weekended out before I even reach the weekend...

Visit our booth and win!

If you're at the conference this year, make sure you visit our booth for a chance to win a free growler/tap system courtesy of Rocky Mountain Growlers. These mini-kegs can be pressurized to keep beer crisp for... well, to be honest we drink beer too fast to find out. Toss one in your fridge and you'll have cold draft beer on tap whenever you want.

Note: the one you can win won't look exactly like this. We've actually decided to give away an even LARGER model. How's that for a fill-up?



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