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Foam isn't just a nuisance,

it can be Dangerous!!!

If you've experienced mash boiling over you know it’s a real pain to clean up and how dangerous it can be. Not only will the foam cause a big mess but without a foam sensor you're at risk of getting an explosion of very hot foam when you open the lid. 

Just recently a brewer suffered serious burns to his face and upper body from checking on his boil kettle to be greeted with shower of scolding hot foam. Without a foam sensor you can get an explosion of very hot foam in the face!

We can't stress enough how important it is to install foam sensors in your brewery.

CPE's solid state foam sensors are designed to detect rising foam during boiling and shut off the heat source before it reaches critical levels.  As soon as the foam level drops the heat can be turned back on.   This is not to be used as a replacement for proper temperature control but as a safety to avoid a messy and dangerous situation.

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