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The C-Series Enhanced

This week we’re announcing the newest line of CPE pumps, the CPE Plus Series. Based on the C-Series, these pumps provide the dependability, compatibility, and ease that you are used to with engineering enhancements that improve performance and reliability.

Maximum Reliability and Durability

These pumps offer the spectacular reliability, performance, and ease of cleaning of the C-series while adding a number of improvements for longer seal life, easier cleaning, and improved reliability. 

Unlike our regular C-Series, the Plus Series features a clamped stub shaft and improved shaft design. The impeller pin of the C+114 and C+216 has been replaced with a threaded impeller nut. These updates increase the stability of the pump and reduce vibration while remaining interchangeable with the majority of C-Series parts.

What this means for you is a more reliable pump, with longer lasting seals, and less required maintenance.
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