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Production facilities are a busy place and hoses are prone to being dropped, knocked over, or bumped into. While stainless steel ends are sturdy, impacts can still cause dents and damage that may affect the security of the connection. Traditional hose bumpers sit at the back of the metal connection sleeve and provide a cushioning barrier between the hose and the floor, but they do not offer complete protection of the connection. Hose ends are the heaviest part of the hose and it is not abnormal for the end to hit the ground first.

CPE Systems now offers a new hose protection solution that fully encompasses the hose end. The Sliding Hose Bumper is unique because it was specifically designed to completely cover the Tri-Clamp connection without compromising the functionality. It accomplishes this by sliding between two different positions, one for protection and one for use. When disengaged it provides the same level of protection as a traditional bumper and allows full uninterrupted access to the hose-end. In the engaged position, the bumper covers the Tri-Clamp connection around the full circumference of the flange completely protecting it from damage. This bumper is made of FDA polypropylene plastic, making it both lightweight and durable. The Sliding Hose Bumper protects the hose-end from dents and damage, no matter what angle the hose hits the ground at.


This bumper requires a slightly modified hose-end and currently is only compatible with our new hose ends and comes in 1" and 1 1/2". Some other hose-ends may be compatible, please contact our sales team if you would like to know if your hose is compatible with this bumper. 



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