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We have updated our pumps with the newest technology in variable frequency drives from Lenze America. These drives are tough and smart! They have IP66 washdown protection and a robust impact resistant case but are also extremely smart and programmable. 


  • The protection level of IP66 (NEMA 4X) with indoor and outdoor approval, this means hose-proof and dust-tight, also allows the use in rough environments
  • Onboard display with built in diagnostics
  • Micro USD interface for programming and diagnostics
  • Multiple digital and analog inputs for remote control and safety interlocks.
  • Compatible with our wireless remote controls, pressure switches and run dry protection.
  • Full onboard PID programming for interfacing with flow meters, level controls, pressure sensors, and can/bottle fillers.
  • Optional front mounted potentiometer (speed control knob).
  • IO-Link compatible



System integration is simple and convenient, using either a keypad, keypad app or the EasyStarter PC software. Applications for the new smarter pumps are endless.  

Feeding a filler and need supply at a constant pressure? Install a pressure sensor with an analog output, program the PID settings in the i550 and it will automatically control the product supply pressure to your filler.  

Run dry protection, easy! Install our capacitive point level sensor in the line and never run your pump dry again.

Flow rate control, no problem, simply take the analog output from your flow meter (we have these too) and connect it to the i550. Program the i550 and scale the display and you have a pump that delivers a steady flow rate regardless of downstream pressures. Add a batch controller for even more flexibility.

Brewers, this VFD coupled with one of our pumps and a temperature sensor will even control the output temperature of the wort from your heat exchanger during knock by automatically adjusting the flow rate. With a little programming, you just set the temperature and it does the rest.  

Is there another pumping process you want to automate? Give us a call or send us your application and we will help come up with a solution.



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