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All heat exchanger plates are not created equal. On first glance, these two heat exchanger plates look the same but on closer inspection, there are striking differences.  First let us look at the quality of the actual pressing of the plates.  The plate on the right has much more defined ridges and grooves whereas with the one on the left they look flattened out, reducing the flow.  In addition, there are extra dimples in the upper area of the plate on the right, these are for added strength and durability.


The final thing to note is that the gasket on the left is missing leak detection grooves. This is something most people would miss but it is critical.  These grooves make sure that any leaks will drain out onto the floor where you can see it, without the grooves leaked product could stay trapped in the heat exchanger for months causing a bad bacteria trap or worse a leak could contaminate your product with glycol or cooling water.

It is clear that the heat exchanger plate on the right from CPE Systems is a superior plate that will give you years of worry free service.



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