Heat Exchangers / Wort Chillers

Plate Heat Exchangers for Craft Beer and Other Craft Industries

Our line of plate heat exchangers are perfect for heating and cooling service in the food industry. These are specifically designed as wort chillers or wort coolers (also known as plate chillers or plate coolers) but can be configured for other applications as well.

Plate Heat Exchangers high heat transfer efficiency makes them compact and easy to install even in places where space is limited. This line has Clip-on gaskets and is therefore perfect where routine service is required regularly.

These heat exchangers consist of a number of corrugated plates clamped together in a frame and sealed at the edges by means of gaskets. Their plates have ports at the corners and the gaskets are so arranged that the two media flow through alternate passages between the plates. The two media are separated by the plates and cannot be mixed. Heat is transferred through the plates, from the hot medium to the cold.

Our most common sizes are listed here but we can custom build a heat exchanger for your specific application.



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