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FT520 Batch Flow Processor



The FT520 is a simple to use self-contained batch flow processor manufactured by Seametrics. This processor can be paired with any flowmeter or flow sensor which has frequency output proportional to flow.  It is easy to set up and once configured can accurately control the volume of your transfers.  It has two dry contact relay outputs that can control your flow by closing when the preset volume is reached.   The two relays the can be programmed at different volumes allow a more accurate batching process.  The display and volume can be configured to different units,  both metric and imperial.  

In addition, the FT520 has several outputs, analog 4-20mA and voltage (0-5Dc and 0-10DV) for interfacing with other control devices and a two scale-able pulse outputs that can be used to operate other devices such as chemical feed pumps.

The FT520 is powered by 115 VAC (standard) or optionally 230 VAC and 24VDC and can be wall or panel mounted.



  • Easy to read backlit screen
  • Customizable units of measurements
  • High/low flow rate monitoring
  • Water usage monitoring
  • Regeneration control
  • Batch Control


  • Temperature Range: 32 ˚-130˚F (0˚-55˚ C)
  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Memory type: Non-volatile EEPROM with auto-backup
  • Sensor Power: 12 Vdc, 10 mA


Technical Specifications 

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