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C+100 Series Pump Parts


SKU: SP/CA-100-M

Pump parts can eventually wear out, break, or become lost and require a replacement. These spare parts are designed for C+100 pumps. They are compatible with most C+100 pumps from major brands, such as Q-Pump.  However, they will not fit our older style C100 pumps or those from Topline and Purity.  For C100 parts click here.  

C+100 Spare Parts:

Key Description Quantity
1 Casing 1
1A Casing Wing Nuts 2
2 Impeller 1
92A Shaft Collar Screw 1
6E Stub Shaft 1
11 Backplate 1
24 Impeller Retainer 1
92 Shaft Collar 1
71 Adapter 1
71B Adapter Mounting Screw 4
80 Carbon Seal 1
80A Cup 1
80B O-ring 1
80BUR Back-Up Ring
80C Spring 1
90 Casing gasket 1
131 Seal Guard 1
131A Seal Guard Screw 1

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