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C-Series mechanical "DG" seal conversion kit


SKU: SP/482122
Our C-series pump “DG” mechanical seal conversion kit contains all the parts you need to convert your pump's standard “D” seal to a “DG” seal.

The “DG” seal has an improved backing plate design that includes a replaceable (and reversible) stationary seat made of a ceramic or silicone carbide material. This means that the carbon seal is running on a harder and smoother surface than the standard stainless steel backplate.

The “DG” seal gives you longer seal life and less leaking, particularly when using the pump for hot or sticky products, such as beer wort, concentrated juices, sugar solutions, etc. It also works well for hot oil or high proof alcohol applications.

The conversion is easily installed by just replacing the existing backing plate with this new “DG” style one and resetting the spring tension. (To view the video on how to change a seal and reset the spring tension, click here).

You should install a new rotary seal at the same time. This part is not included so (click here) to select one to add to your order as well.

Kits are available for C114, C216, and C328 size pumps.

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