G2 Industrial Meters Stainless Steel w/ Tri-Clamp fitting


The GPI Stainless Steel Meters with Tri-Clover fittings can be used with food and beverage industries in preprocess applications. 

Features and Benefits:


Stainless steel

Modular design allows for use with Output Modules, Sensors and Remote Transmitters.

2 Totals (Batch=Resettable, Cumulative=Non-Resettable); Rate of Flow. Factory calibrated in gallons and litres. Field calibratable. Allows user calibration. Includes non-volatile totals. 

High accuracy meter

Internal parts are simple to replace for easy maintenance

Lithium battery life: 5 Years.

Accessories easily upgrade meter. 

Flow Range

 1/2" 1-10 GPM (3.8-37.9 LPM)
3/4" 2-20 GPM (7.6-75.7 LPM) 
1" 5-50 GPM (18.9-190 LPM)
1-1/2" 10-100 GPM (38.0-380 LPM)
2" 20-200 GPM (76-760 LPM)

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