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Hyginox SEN Seal Kit


SKU: SK/SEN-15-Kit

The INOXPA Hyginox SEN Series Seal Kit is a seal replacement kit for the INOXPA Hyginox SEN series of sanitary centrifugal pumps. The Hyginox seal kit is available for both the SEN15 and the SEN20 pumps.

Your Hyginox pump should be monitored for a reduction in performance and seals should be inspected when this arises or every six months, whichever occurs first. For this reason, it's useful to keep a seal kit on hand. The SEN15 and SEN20 are reliable INOXPA centrifugal pumps, care for them properly, including regular Hyginox SEN seal kit changes, and they will work for decades.

Hyginox SEN Seal Kit:

  • Casing o-ring (EPDM)
  • Stationary seal (silicon carbide)
  • Rotating seal (carbon)

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