INOXPA RF-10/40 Flexible Impeller Pump Assembly (2.4 HP)
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This RF portable pump is a flexible impeller pump. Due to the design, these pumps are reversible and self-priming and can suction from a maximum height of 15 feet. This type of pumps is designed to pump products of both low and high viscosity as well as materials containing particles or gases.

The main applications are the transfer of beer wort, dairy products, edible oils, wine, concentrates and beverages in general. They can also be used with viscous food products such as jam and marmalade, custard as well as cosmetic products such as soap, gel, toothpaste, and creams.

This pump includes a 1 1/2” Tri-clamp connection, a food grade neoprene impeller, 316l stainless steel casing and shaft, SiC mechanical seals, and a 2.4 HP TEFC motor with a digital pump controller. The 1 1/2 HP (115 volt) 10/40 pump is available on special request. 

The RF-10/40 has a capacity up to 40 GPM and 35 PSI

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Comes on a stainless steel cart and fitted with a NEMA 4X digital VFD.



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