Microbrew 100 Seal Kit


The Microbrew 100 Seal Kit contains the stationary seal, rotating seal, and elastomers needed to maintain your Microbrew 100 pump. Pump seals do not last forever, and need to be replaced every 6 months or when a noticeable reduction in performance occurs. 

Microbrew 100 Seal Kit

  • Casing Gasket (EPDM or Viton)
  • Rotary Seal (Carbon)
  • Stationary Seal (Silicon Carbide)
  • Stationary Seal O-rings x 2 (Teflon)
  • Rotating Seal O-ring (EPDM or Viton)
  • Impeller O-rings x 2 (EPDM or Viton)


The Microbrew Seal kit is available with either Viton or EPDM elastomers. 

EPDM  is resistant to most products in the food industry, including ozone and radiation. They are not resistant to organic and non-organic fats and oils. Rated for temperatures from -40°F to 302°F.

Viton® is particularly well suited for hot fatty oil products. The temperature range is 0°F to 400°F under continuous duty, however, it can handle up to 600°F for short periods of time. Rated for temperatures from -2° F to 450° F (short term to 600° F).

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