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QL Rotary Lobe Pump



The QL Series pump is a rotary lobe pump designed to handle viscous products while meeting hygienic standards. This positive displacement pump is 3A approved and is built to EHEDG standards. The different seal and stator options allow you to tailor this pump to your specific needs. Designed to be easy to clean, this pump is CIPable and has a removable front cover. This is a great pump for transferring cosmetics, syrups, pulps, sauces, purees, and more.


Connections: Tri-Clamp

Bearing House Material: 304 SS

Wet Parts Material: 316L SS

Rotor Styles: Bi-Wing Rotor, Tri-Lobe Rotor, Multilobe Rotor, Single-Wing Rotor

Max Temperature: 302°F (150°C)

Certifications: 3A

3 Different Seal Types

Single Mechanical Seal

  • Standard mechanical seal made of silicon carbide with EPDM elastomers
  • Easy to reach and maintain

O-Ring Seal

  • Standard O-ring seal with a stainless steel sleeve and EPDM elastomers
  • Cost-effective and easy to maintain
  • For products under 150 psi (10 bar)

Lip Seal (in Teflon)

  • Triple Lip seal with ceramic sleeve and EPDM elastomers
  • For products under 150 psi (10 bar)
  • For products that are oily, greasy, or others that can lubricate the seal


Bi-Wing Standard Rotor Tri-Lobe Rotor Multi-Lobe Rotor Single Wing Rotor
  • Standard rotor and suitable for most applications
  • Not suggested when there is a combination of high speeds (over 300 rpm) and high viscosity
  • Designed for shear-sensitive products
  • Improved performance at high speeds with high viscosity
  • Has multiple vanes which allow for reduced pulsation and a more accurate flow
  • Designed for dosing applications 
  • Designed for fluids containing suspended soft solids
  • Limited to speeds up to 200 rpm
  • Solids must not exceed 1/3 of the selected port size


Operating Limits

 Model Displacement (GPM) Connection Size (in) Max. Differential Pressure (psi) Max. Speed (rpm)
QL-A10 13.2 1.0 290 1000
QL-A15 25.4 1.5 175 800
QL-A20 44.4 2.0 115 800
QL-B20 75.8 2.0 175 700
QL-B25 114.7 2.5 115 700
QL-C30 161.7 3.0 175 600
QL-C40 228.3 4.0 115 600


* This is only a pump head. No motor is included. For portable assemblies and pump and motor assemblies please contact our sales team. 

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