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SuperKlean Nozzle Adaptor


SKU: SN/8-1/2-B

SuperKlean products have a range of adapters for hoses and nozzles allowing you to customize your washdown equipment. 

Adapters are required to use all Superklean spray nozzles. The nozzles do not come with an adapter.

Standard Swivel Adapters

  • The hose swivel adapter's 360° swivel rotation capability is designed to protect your hot water hoses from kinking.
  • 2.25′′ long hose shank/bark for a more secure and safe installation.
  • To secure the swivel head, a lock O-ring replaces the traditional C-ring.
  • The nozzle lever has a built-in lock ring that reduces hand fatigue.

Standard hose swivel fittings from SuperKlean feature extra-long hose barbs for a safer, more secure hot water hose installation. These fittings also have a heavier-duty O-ring design that replaces the weaker C-ring construction found in competing hot water hose swivel adapters. These improvements ensure that the fittings will outlast their hose. Built-in lever lock rings eliminate the need for users to manually squeeze the industrial hose nozzles for extended periods of time.

Hose Swivel Adapters (FGHT)

The new SuperKlean FGHT x hose barb swivel adapters were created to complement the current hose lines by offering customers the ability to assemble hoses and connect them to existing male GHT outlets. The 2″ long hose shank offers a safer and more secure installation

Ball Swivel Adapter

These multi-axis hose swivel adapters are commonly used to alleviate operator fatigue during the washdown process by permitting natural wrist movement and decreasing the need to haul and reposition heavy hot water hoses. The extra-long 2.25" barbs allow hoses to be double-banded, resulting in a more secure connection between the hose, hose swivel adaptor, and nozzle that won't slip or leak over time in production locations. The new ball swivel fittings from SuperKlean feature a 2.25′′ long hose barb for a safer and more secure installation, lock O-rings in place of the traditional C-ring, and a built-in lever lock ring to reduce hand fatigue. The 360° ball swivel adapters are ergonomically designed to minimize hose kinking and create a tension-free environment by rotating with hand movements when pulling the hose during typical spraying.

Swivel Adapters (FGHT)

This 1/2" NPT x 3/4" FGHT adapter is available in either stainless steel or brass and stainless steel. To secure the swivel head, an O-ring is used (rather than the standard C-ring found on many rivals' swivel adapters). The O-ring is not a distinct component that loosens or falls off.  

Lifespan Hose Guards

Hose guards are designed to protect your hose from the wear and tear caused by the sharp edges of fittings and ultimately extending its lifespan. Unibody lock O-ring fittings are used on LifeSpan Hose Guards to ensure that the swivel fittings never separate. The hose assemblies are securely attached using longer hose barbs, which allows two bands to be used instead of one. SuperKlean LifeSpan Hose Guards come with our high-quality, one-of-a-kind fittings, which have extra-long 2 1/4" hose barbs. Internal hose guards can extend the life of industrial hoses by up to three times, saving hundreds of dollars per hose assembly. 


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