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November 02, 2018 — Donald Byres

If the potentiometer knob on your CPEDA or KBDA VFD gets damaged it causes the speed of the pump to be inconsistent. In this case, the knob will need to be replaced. In the meantime, you can turn the knob off and control the speed with the Up/Down arrows on the keypad.

  1. To begin, plug in your pump.
  2. Press the Program/Display button once. The display will change and the second 0 should be flashing. If it is not, push Reset until it is.
  3. Press the Up arrow two times until the flashing zero becomes a flashing 2. The display should read 02.00.
  4. Press the Read/Enter button.
  5. The display will change to 0001, this means that the VDF is programmed for the knob to control the speed. Press the Down Arrow once to change the display to 0000, which means that the VFD will use the arrow buttons to control speed.
  6. Press the Enter button and the VFD will flash END for 1 second.
  7. Press Program/Display to go back to run mode.
  8. Now your speed can be controlled by the arrows buttons
  9. Use the Reset button to control the speed progression of the arrows. 

And that’s all there is to it!  



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