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We may call it a "hopper" but at heart the MH-20 HIS is a powder induction system, the likes of which you'd find in commercial food processing plants. Using the MH-20 makes it easier than ever to mix dry ingredients with liquids, avoiding the time, trouble and lost product associated with reprocessing and pre- and post-blending operations.

Our blender thoroughly and efficiently blends dry ingredients and liquids, while minimizing the air introduced into the process. That means the lumping, foaming and flooding associated with conventional mixing equipment is almost totally eliminated. This unique modular blender design means easy adaptation to a variety of blending applications in the food, beverage, dairy, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries.

Common uses include:

  • For meat and poultry industry for making brines and marinades.
  • For dairy industry for adding chocolate milk powder, milk solids addition for yogurt or ice cream mix.
  • For condiments adding sugar and spices to BBQ sauce, Hot sauce, ketchup, chocolate sauce, salad dressing etc.
  • For beverage adding sugar, flavours, colours and thickeners.
  • For hand sanitizer, adding thickeners like carbopol or cellulose. 

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