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INOXPA Hyginox SEN-15 Centrifugal Pump


SKU: PU/C1B15-1700NA + EM/CPE-102

The INOXPA Hyginox SEN-15 Internal Seal Pump

The INOXPA HYGINOX SEN-15 pump is perfect for small batch breweries. A sanitary centrifugal pump, the Hyginox series comes with long lasting internal mechanical seals that reduce product build-up, leaking and improve reliability. It’s a pump that just keeps going without hassle - exactly what you need when brewing a number of different styles.

Horsepower Max Pressure (ft. head) Max Flow (gpm)
1 55 55
1 1/2 65 55
2 70 65
3 80 82.5

​INOXPA Hyginox SEN 15 Specs:

Inlets: 1 1/2" Clamp

​Outlets: 1 1/2" Clamp

​Seal: Single Mechanical Internal seal Carbon/Silicon Carbide

Nominal pressure: 40 PSI

Technical Specification

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