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Input/Output Multi-Function Board


SKU: EM/9668

The IODA Input/Output Multi-Function Board provides a variety offunctions which include preset frequency, up/down frequency control, signal isolation, isolated output voltage for controlling auxiliary devices, output relay contacts, and open collector outputs. All of the IODA inputs and outputs are isolated from the AC line. The IODA has a green power on LED (PWR) and a red status LED (STATUS), which provide operational information.

The 2 Isolated Signal Inputs can be used to operate the drive with a non-isolated signal source. The +5 Volts and -5 Volts provide connections for a Remote Main Speed Potentiometer, PLCs, or transducers. These signal inputs allow for forward, reverse, or bidirectional motor speed operation.


  • Signal Input Isolation: Provides isolation between non-isolated signal sources and the drive.
  • Multi-Function Input Terminals: Seven digital input contacts can be programmed for a variety of functions.
  • Isolated ±5V Power Supply: Used to power a transducer or to supply voltage for remote potentiometer operation.
  • Multi-Function Output Relays: Two Multi-Function Output Relays are provided, which can be programmed to indicate various drive operating conditions.
  • Isolated Signal Output: Two isolated analog signal outputs are provided, which can be used to monitor various drive operating conditions.
  • Multi-Turn Trimpots: For fine adjustment and attenuation of signal inputs.
  • Potentiometer Operation: A 5 k½ external potentiometer can be used in lieu of the Keypad or the Built-In Potentiometer. The Main Speed Potentiometer can be connected for forward, reverse, or bidirectional motor speed control.
  • Multi-Function Open Collector Outputs: Two Multi-Function Open Collector Outputs are provided, which can be programmed to indicate various drive operating conditions.
  • LEDs: The green power on LED (PWR) indicates that power is applied to the IODA from the drive. The red status LED (STATUS) provides indication of the IODA operation.
  • Selectable Jumpers: For voltage or current signal input selection.
  • Barrier Terminal: All connections to the IODA are made via the barrier terminal block. All terminal block connections of the IODA are isolated from the AC line.
  • Easy Installation: Uses a snap-in base and two screws (provided) for mounting and a ribbon cable for wiring to the drive.

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