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Contitech Brewers Hose With TC Ends

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SKU: HO/SB-ASSY-5021-1.0-5ft-TC

Our Red Brewers Hose by Contitech is the replacement for the popular Goodyear BREWLINE and is designed with breweries in mind. It is lighter in weight and more flexible than the old-style BREWLINE but maintains its ability to withstand the wear and tear of brewery life. The Tri-Clamp ends are professionally crimped along the entire length of the Tri-Clamp insert. This creates a sturdy end that will not be pushed off by pressure and leaves no space for bacteria to grow. The entire hose can be fully sanitized during CIP. This hose is perfect for non-oily product transfer and its smooth cover and tube prevent material and bacteria buildup. Brewers hose has also been branded as "Drinkline" by Contitech and is FDA/USDA approved for use in beverage and food processing plants of all types.

Custom lengths are available upon request.


Tube: EPDM

Cover: Red EPDM with a white stripe

Reinforcement: Spiral-plied synthetic fabric 4 plies on 3/4" to 1-1/2" sizes, 6 plies on 2" and up

Temperature Range: -40°F to 220°F (-40°C to 104°C)

Certifications: FDA/USDA compliant, 3-A Sanitary approved (Standard 18-03)

Working Pressure: 250 PSI

Connections: Tri-Clamp ends

Inner Ø (in) Outer Ø (in) Weight (lbs/ft) Working Pressure (PSI) Vacuum HG (in)
3/4 1.319 0.45 250 20
1 1.598 0.62
250 20
1 1/4 1.862
250 20
1 1/2 2.114
250 20
2 2.772
250 20
2 1/2 3.346
250 20
3 3.846
250 20
4 4.846
250 20

Hose Bumpers

Silicone Hose Bumper

The silicone bumper provides practical and simple bumper protection for 1 1/2" and 2" hoses. This bumper does not interfere with the function of the hose end and offers basic protection from drops and dings.

Sliding Hose Bumper

Designed by Dixon to be lightweight and protective this bumper offers complete protection without interfering with the function of your hose. This bumper is made of FDA polypropylene plastic. When in the forward position it covers the Tri-Clamp end fully, protecting the rim from damage. It easily slides back to allow unrestricted access to the connection when needed. This bumper works with our new hose ends only and comes in 1" and 1 1/2".

See it in action here

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