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DuraFlow "Mini" Stainless Steel Nozzle



SuperKlean’s DM150S series DuraFlow “Mini” Spray Nozzle was specifically designed as an industrial "lightweight" spray nozzle with heavyweight performance. Its unique design allows the convenience of approximately half of the weight of its bigger brother, the high-flow DuraFlow nozzle.
Its cover design is not only durable but also protects the user from hot surfaces produced by high-temperature washdown applications. The DuraFlow “mini” reduces hand fatigue and offers smooth lever action.

Variable spray patterns, adjustable from fan spray to solid stream, are one of the many features offered by the SuperKlean DuraFlow “Mini” Spray Nozzle. Water conservation is assured upon the release of the lever by the drip-free automatic shutoff feature.

We offer a selection of adapters here. An adapter is required to use this nozzle. 

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