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Changing a pump seal is essential to keeping a healthy, functioning pump; it is akin to changing the oil in your car. When selecting a pump seal kit it is imperative to consider your pump type, pump model, and seal type. These factors are essential to ensuring seal compatibility. Most of the information you will need to find will be marked on the pump itself. 

Identifying Pump Type

Many pumps have similar exteriors and it may be difficult to differentiate between them. The pump series or type should be marked on the pump itself; if not, send us a picture of your pump and we will happily help identify it. It is important to note that the C+ Series and C-Series kits are not interchangeable. These two pumps have the same mechanical seals, but the C+ has addtional impeller and impeller nut gaskets so they should not be confused with each other. Similarly, the Microbrew 100 has a unique seal, and cannot use either the C+100 or the C100 seal kits. 

Sizing a Pump Seal

Once you have identified the type of pump, you must then note the size of the pump. The C114 and the C216 seal kits are not interchangeable, neither are the RVN 65 and RVN 100 seal kits. This information should be included in the marking denoting the pump series. If it is not you can look at your inlet and outlet sizes and match them to the correct pump size. 

Identifying Seal Kit Type

Seal kits can not change the type of seal installed in your pump. When selecting a pump seal kit you must select the same seal type that was originally installed in your pump. For some pump models, conversion kits are available to change the seal type; these conversion kits are not the same as a seal kit. 

Does Brand Matter?

The simple answer to this question is: YES. Buying brand-name products matters.  All of our CPE seal kits meet or exceed OEM specifications.  Our most popular C-series seal kits fit our pumps but also all major competitor's C-series pumps, however, our Ultimate Kits come standard with an improved wafer spring not found on other brands. Our seal kit product pages note the pump brands that each seal kit is compatible with. 

Full Service or Standard?

On our website for most seal kits, we offer two styles of kits: the mechanical kit and the ultimate kit. What is the difference? Mechanical seal kits are a standard replacement kit, these are for regular maintenance of your pump and should be used every 6 to 12 months or when a noticeable drop in performance occurs, whichever happens first. Ultimate kits include everything from the mechanical kit plus some extra parts for more thorough maintenance. This kit should be used after the first year of use. 

When selecting a pump seal kit it is most important to focus on compatibility. Seal kits do not change the functions of your pump, they are for regular maintenance. If you are ever struggling to select the correct pump seal kit please feel free to call our sales team. We also sell a selection of seal kits that are not on our website and are happy to help find the right kit for your pump. 

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