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This week we're proud to release the Microbrew 100. This might be a small pump, but it's a big step forward in design. Like our C+100, the Microbrew 100 features a number of improvements on the basic model, while maintaining compatibility with C-series dimensions and pump performance. However, the MB100 takes that philosophy to the next level, improving most aspects of the pump and in so doing creating an experience unrivaled in its class

Better Casing Attachment

Like the larger C-series pumps, the MB100 dispenses with the post/tab design of the C100 in favour of a 4" tri-clamp, making for easy port alignment and quick casing removal and eliminating frustrations involving bent tabs.

Clamped Shaft Design

Like the Plus Series, the MB100 uses a clamped shaft to reduce vibration, improve hygienic performance, and enhance seal life.

DG Seal Comes Standard

The MB100 comes with a robust, single mechanical seal design that features a silicon carbide stationary seal-face and a carbon rotary seal, providing improved sealing and easier cleaning.

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