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Microbrew 100 Centrifugal Pump

$1,345.00 $1,210.00

SKU: PU/MB-C100MDG + EM/CPE-0124

The Premium Microbrewery Pump

The MB 100 is a re-engineered C100 pump, designed for microbreweries and other small-scale applications. While it maintains dimensional and hydraulic interchangeability with the C100, it provides added reliability, extended seal life, is easier to adjust and maintain, and provides greater performance.

The Microbrew 100 uses similar components to the C100. However, it upgrades the experience with a number of enhancements including:

  • A clamped casing for ease of adjustment
  • Sealed impeller design for optimal hygienic performance
  • Split-shaft  compression collar to reduce vibration and improve seal life
  • An internal surface finish of <32Ra
  • A silicon carbide stationary seal-face with a carbon rotary seal (aka. DG seal) for improved reliability, dependability, and performance.

Technical Specifications


  • 1 1/2" X 1" Tri-clamp connections
  • Stainless steel washdown motor
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • 304 stainless steel adapter 
  • External mechanical DG seal

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