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Contitech Vintners Lite Hose - TC ends


SKU: HO/SB-ASSY-5014-1.0-5ft-TC

The Vintners Lite hose is a versatile, lightweight, EPDM hose. It was designed to be an easy-to-use heavy-duty hose. It gives you all the durability and heat resistance of a standard EPDM hose while remaining light and easily maneuverable. Based on the Vintner Reserve, the Vintner Lite features a slightly thinner tube wall making it suitable for applications under 150 PSI. With the same monofilament helix as the Vintner Reserve, this hose is both rustproof and crush-resistant. This hose is perfect for high-traffic areas as it is both crush-resistant and easy to move between applications. The white EPDM tube meets FDA, USDA & 3-A Sanitary Standard 18-03 Certificate standards. The Vintner Lite Hose Assembly features Tri-Clamp ends with externally installed collars that seal seamlessly around the full 360ºs of the hose.

Vintner Lite Construction: 

Tube: White EPDM

Cover: Grey EPDM with wrapped impression

Reinforcement: Spiral-plied fabrics with monofilament helix

Temperature Range: -30°F to 220°F (-34°C to 104°C)

Working Pressure: 150 psi

Inner Ø (in) Outer Ø (in) Weight (lbs/ft) Bend Radius
1" 1.45" 0.47 lbs
1 1/2" 1.95"
0.66 lbs
2" 2.50"
0.94 lbs
3" 3.66"
1.88 lbs



The silicone bumper provides practical and simple bumper protection for 1 1/2" and 2" hoses. This bumper does not interfere with the function of the hose end and offers basic protection from drops and dings.


Designed by Dixon to be lightweight and protective this bumper offers complete protection without interfering with the function of your hose. This bumper is made of FDA polypropylene plastic. When in the forward position it covers the Tri-Clamp end fully, protecting the rim from damage. It easily slides back to allow unrestricted access to the connection when needed. This bumper works with our new hose ends only and comes in 1" and 1 1/2".

See it in action here

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