INOXPA Hyginox SEN-15 Centrifugal Pump Assembly With Explosion Proof Motor


Hyginox SEN 15 Internally Sealed Portable Pump

The INOXPA HYGINOX SEN-15 pump is perfect for small distilleries. A sanitary centrifugal pump, the Hyginox series comes with a long-lasting internal mechanical seal to help reduce product build-up and leaking and improve reliability. It’s a pump that just keeps going without hassle - exactly what you need when starting a distillery. The explosion proof motor makes this pump suitable for use with high proof alcohol, ethanol, and other flammable liquids. It is ideal for use in distilling, making alcohol blended drinks, and for herbal extractions.  

The SEN-15 assembly comes with one of our Canadian made stainless steel carts and an explosion-proof start/stop box. Our carts are custom designed and built in Canada from sanitary stainless steel with non-marring heavy duty wheels. The stop/start switch is made by Scame and has a NEMA 7/9 enclosure. The starter and the plug are both certified as explosion proof. 

The motor is a NEMA 7/9 Frame C-face Premium Efficiency Explosion Proof Motor with Cast iron construction. It is UL/CSA Approved for Class 1 Group C & D and Class 2 Groups E,F,G.

The explosion-proof Sen 15 is only available in three-phase power and is compatible with 460V and 230V. All pumps come standard with Tri-clamp connections, but we can supply other connection types by special order.

 Horsepower Max Pressure (ft. head) Max Flow (gpm)
1 55 55
1 1/2 65 55
2 70 65
3 80 82.5

INOXPA Hyginox SEN 15 Specs:

Inlets: 1 1/2" Clamp

Outlets: 1 1/2" Clamp

Seal: Single Mechanical Internal seal Carbon/Silicon Carbide

Nominal pressure: 40 PSI

Maximum flow: 75 US GPM

Maximum speed: 3500 rpm


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