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If you've purchased a portable pump from us you have one of our KBDA digital drives - our default VFD on assemblies thanks to their versatility, NEMA 4X certification, and durable aluminum casings. 

What you might not know is just how much you can do with them, from displaying hertz instead of RPM, using the buttons instead of the potentiometer knob, and making them compatible with GFCI plugs and breakers.

Want your CPEDA or KBDA  VFD to display Hertz instead of RPM?

Sometimes people prefer to display the operating hertz of their pump rather than the RPM, and in that case you can switch your CPEDA or KBDA VFD from one to the other.

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Damaged Potentiometer Knob on your CPEDA or KBDA VFD?

If the potentiometer knob on your CPEDA or KBDA VFD gets damaged it causes the speed of the pump to be inconsistent. In this case, the knob will need to be replaced. In the meantime, you can turn the knob off and control the speed with the Up/Down arrows on the keypad.

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VFD Compatibility with GFCI Plugs and Breakers

Did you know know that new ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) plugs and breakers don’t work with most Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)? However, with our CPEDA and KBDA VFDs all you need to do is change a parameter to make them compatible with GFCIs.

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